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The foundation pursues the following specific objectives, in order to accomplish its vision;

To establish and organise programs and events from which individuals and organisations committed to feminist goals can share ideas and information on feminine issues

To educate the public on the rights of women and the means of enforcing such rights

To monitor the implementation of women rights for the attainment of equal status in all aspects of social, political and economic development within the community and the nation at large

To increase women’s empowerment, through providing the women with access to skills acquisition, employment and participation in decision making structures

To contribute to processes of organisational change by encouraging women to act as facilitators

To co-operate with national and international NGOs and agencies to initiate joint advocacy activities by networking and co-aligning for the achievement of specific goals for the welfare, empowerment and development of the female gender.



The main objective  of Rita onyinye foundation is to advocate on behalf of the female gender’s  economic, social and  political interest, thereby generating attention for the female gender at all levels, in order to achieve synergy by sharing know-how and experience on female related issues, bringing women globally together to achieve  greatness despite experiencing significant obstacles, and also strengthen the support base for the female gender to achieve universal access to female development and empowerment.